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Ikonart Inkjet Printer Film

Ikonart Inkjet Printer Film

LCD Writing Tablet 12

LCD Writing Tablet 12"

Ikonart Laser Jet Printer Film

Ikonart Laser Jet Printer Film
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Our Laser Printer Film is a heat-stable drafting film for the creation of film positives that are used when exposing the IKONART Stencil Films. It is an economical alternative to more expensive orthochromatic film. Laser Printer Film offers excellent toner retention which keeps the black areas dense enough to block UV light during exposure. Important Note: If you find that your stencils are not holding the detail that you would like, you may not be getting enough density with your laser printer. Try the Toner Enhancement Spray on your Laser Printer Film. Density of your ink is important so that it blocks the UV light from the IKONART Stencil Film during exposure. This is especially important for high detail artwork.
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